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  1. New Tension Springs Centre in Poland

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    Sales Forecast and Expansion Plans

    Since 2016, Alcomex has been growing its share in tension springs for residential doors. The Board of Alcomex Springs Group has prepared the sales forecast for years 2022-2025. Sales of tension springs are expected to quadruple in the coming years. Based on this projection, the decision was made to split the production of door springs in Marki into separate units for torsion and tension springs. To accommodate this growth, a new location was invested in to enable the production and assembly of tension springs.

    Lease Agreement and Conversion Works

    At the end of November, the Lease Agreement was signed for renting a 5320 square meters warehouse area and office area in a building with a total area of approximately 38500 square meters. The building, known as ‘Hall B’, is located in Marki, just 500m away from our current location. The early access to the new facility was granted from 01.02.2023. From that time, all necessary works must be done to convert the warehouse area into a primarily production area for tension springs.

    Conversion Works Details

    The conversion works involve various tasks, including:

    1. Extension of the main electrical switchboard according to Alcomex energy requirements.

    2. Installation of proper lighting in the production area up to 500 lux.

    3. Delivery and installation of 14 skylights with ventilation function, a weather control unit, and a necessary sprinkler system.

    4. Construction of new forklift charging stations equipped with gas detection and sprinkler system.

    5. Installation of radiant heaters to create a comfortable working environment.

    6. Conversion of existing office rooms into changing rooms and social areas.

    Completion of Adaptation Works

    In mid-May, all fit-out works were completed, and all necessary notifications, agreements, and approvals from relevant authorities were obtained. As a result, on 29.05.2023, the Protocol of Completion of Adaptation Works was signed. With this milestone achieved, additional tasks such as the installation of the piping air system and the transfer of two air compressors from Hall D could begin. Furthermore, all necessary equipment, including lockers, benches for changing rooms, office furniture, desks, printers, and kitchen equipment, were purchased to provide a comfortable environment for our employees during breaks.

    Cooperation with Czech Republic and Equipment Transfer

    In addition to the expansion in Poland, we have initiated closer cooperation with our colleagues from the Czech Republic, as some production will be transferred from there. The first training session took place in Brno, where our employees familiarized themselves with the production process for tension springs, which will be transferred to our new center.

    Operational Timeline and Customer Deliveries

    The transfer of the current production equipment to the new center is scheduled for mid-June, followed by the transfer of additional machines and tooling equipment from the Czech Republic in July. Our goal is to have the new tension spring center in Poland fully operational from the first of September this year, enabling us to deliver our products (springs) to customers all over Europe.

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