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  1. Word from a client: Eurofast® Adjustable Screw

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    Eurofast® has been the specialist in high-quality fixing systems for both flat roofs and cladding for over 40 years. They started in the Netherlands as a family business and have since grown to become an international company that is present in over 25 European countries. Eurofast® offers solutions for various flat roofs and cladding systems and focuses on the development, production and distribution of the fixing systems intended for this.

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    The challenge

    These days, every roof has an insulation layer, and with many roofs, this insulation is in a sloped position that requires fasteners of various lengths to secure. For instance, the insulation later may be 10 centimetres at the start of the roof, but 25 centimetres at the end. Eurofast® was faced with the challenge of developing a type of fasteners for roofs that is suitable for sloped insulation in concrete surfaces.

    Alcomex as a solution-oriented partner

    The solution that was developed for this challenge is the ‘adjustable screw’: Eurofast® Adjustable Screw (EAS) that can be fastened at varying lengths. This screw was partly created thanks to the unique spring product that Alcomex has provided and thinking along during the development phase of the collaboration. By thinking about the spring configuration, the required forces and the installation space from the start of a project, we are able to optimally utilise our experience and knowledge.

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    Eurofast® on Alcomex

    “We have been working with Alcomex for almost a year now, and we consider them to be a helpful organisation that proactively thinks towards solutions. Even when we have to take the project back to the drawing board several times in the early stages, we worked it out together.”

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