Custom made springs

Custom made springs

As a partner, for a number of years Alcomex has been developing and manufacturing technical springs and leaf springs, suitable for many different and demanding applications. In consultation with the engineers of our customers, these custom made springs or spring systems are fully adapted to the specific application and presented as a spring-product after careful testing.

Your partner in spring solutions

Being involved with the project and product development from the very beginning, we are able to fully apply our 25 years of production-experience and our expert knowledge. Our engineering department has a wide range of possibilities in the test centre to be used, in consultation with the engineers of the customer, to develop the best possible spring-product or custom made spring for any application.

In consultation with our customers we look for the best technical solutions for specific custom made springs or applications. Making use of our extensive know-how in the area of springs, as well as internal calculation programmes and practical production knowledge, we look for the most economical solution for any spring product.

Apart from our extensive technical and practical knowledge of springs, we also have a lot of additional information about, for example:

  • Surface treatments to improve the lifespan and corrosion resistance: galvanising, chroming, plastification (PTFE), special coatings, etc.
  • Cleaning: staining/passivation or ultrasonic processes
  • Specific demands from various market segments: including Oil & Gas (Norsok materials), Automotive (TS16949), Medical application (Ti-grades or PTLR) or defensive purposes (MIL-specifications)

The production facility of alcomex

In order to support customer-specific solutions, Alcomex has access to extensive and modern production facilities. These can be roughly divided into the following groups:

1. CNC-directed bending and winding machines
2. Punching area
3. Thermal and after treatments
4. Extensive semi-automatic craftwork department

All Alcomex production locations in Europe have the most modern WAFIOS production equipment, enabling us to flexibly manufacture any spring or wire product custom made and to the customer’s wishes.
Obviously we have organised out existing production processes as efficiently and flexibly as possible. As such, we can apply short delivery times for prototypes, while we keep our prices as competitive as possible. In addition to efficiency, Alcomex keeps investing in its employees and technology, so as to be able to also offer you the “latest state or the art” solutions in the future.

Do you have a custom made request?

If you are looking for custom made springs for your project, than the Alcomex engineering team will be happy to provide advice about spring calculations or spring constructions. You can easily present your request using our request form.

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