Each brand within the Alcomex Group offers complementary possibilities and added value for customers and suppliers. The combination of our brands offers additional technical and production knowledge within the spring industry.

Alcomex Springs

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Alcomex is a European technical specialist in industrial spring solutions for multiple high-tech applications, such as in the optical, machine, lighting and medical industries. Alcomex has factories and sales & distribution centres in the Benelux, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Romania and India. Alcomex springs are manufactured according to DIN/EN standards from high-quality springs and strip steel and subjected to strict quality control. Alcomex is also one of the largest manufacturers in Europe of spring solutions for overhead doors and is known for its “just in time” service, high quality and technical know-how and competitive pricing.

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HZ Solutions

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HZ Solutions is both product developer and supplier, they support you in the design and development of new or existing fixing solutions, but HZ Solutions also produces on request. This concerns the supply of small to very large volumes of leaf springs, wire springs, punching parts and wire forms. Metal products from special types of stainless steel to galvanised strip products.

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VIOD Verenfabriek

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VIOD Veren provides solid custom solutions for various applications of thicker wire spring steel. VIOD Veren produces car springs, compression springs, extension springs, motocross springs, racing springs, stabiliser bars and much more. For all your spring-technical questions, you can contact VIOD Veren.

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