About us

About us

Exceeding expectations on planet, people, product

Springs absorb loads, accumulate energy, and exert force in a wide range of industrial applications. At Alcomex we know and understand that our springs, in all kinds of forms, shapes and dimensions are a vital part of our customers’ product application, installation, or production process. We thrive to delight customers and live to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders on planet, people and product.


We present our customers with the best spring solutions on the market. We are recognized as a respected specialist and prominent leader within the industry. At Alcomex, we work together as a team; we have fun, and we continuously work towards improving ourselves while simultaneously conducting business in a sustainable way. Exceeding expectations for planet, people and product.

Our beliefs

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Delight customers

We stay true to our core fundamentals; putting people first. We are a personal company where our people are dedicated to exceeding expectations of our customers, by encompassing product quality, lead time & reliability, price, flexibility, and solution engineering. The know-how and service-minded approach of our teams are well-known and appreciated by a growing group of loyal customers around the world.

Operational Excellence

Alcomex is committed to offer customers operational excellence and efficiency in ‘make-to-order’, ‘make-to-stock’ products as well as in ‘engineered solutions’. We are always looking for state-of-the-art production techniques. Product quality and lifespan are continuously being verified in our testing facilities. The Alcomex Quality Management System, certified by ISO certification, and customers’- and industry performance standards, delivers a structure for excellent product quality.

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Ease of ordering

Doing business with Alcomex should be easy and hassle-free. User-friendly configuration systems in combination with a customer specific ordering process and transparent communication on order status, help our partners save time and costs through business with Alcomex.

Solution selling

We aspire to be an integrated technology partner, which means that we are at our best when we get involved from the start of a project up to the development and production of the spring solution. Our engineered solutions as well as our standard spring products derive from our technical expertise and technology.

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partners for life


The more that we get to know our customers, the better we can support them in solving technical challenges, finding cost saving initiatives and delivering the required functionalities. A ‘partners-for-life’ relationship with Alcomex, allows both partners to find mutually beneficial solutions and gains, and proves to result in business growth.

Save the planet

Together with our stakeholders we see climate change as a vital topic. We therefore need to take responsibility with concrete plans and actions. We are on a journey that involves every single person within the Alcomex organization, to become a carbon neutral company. We do not see the energy transition as the end of an industrial age, but rather as the start of a new and sustainable economy.

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Since Its foundation in 1992, when Fred Baas and René Kalkhuis started a company specialized in springs, Alcomex has always been dedicated to serving customers with smart technical spring solutions. The management buy-in of 2016 by Conrad Hietink and Jelle van Vliet, has been a milestone where we took the strong foundation in industrial and door springs and made significant investments to ready Alcomex for future growth; investments in people, technology, production lines and in opening new sales-, R&D- and production sites.


Alcomex is now an international group of companies, employing over 300 dedicated spring people in nine locations: Opmeer (Netherlands), Moravany u Brna (Czech Republic), Goch (Germany), Marki (Poland), Nędza (Poland), Paris (France), Pune (India), Sibiu (Romania) and Valencia (Spain). We manufacture door springs and industrial springs through our well-established operating brands Alcomex, HZ Solutions and VIOD; complementary in terms of product offering and combine specific springs expertise, technical capabilities, and engineering experience. Our people make Alcomex a renowned specialist and a one-stop-shop for its customers in different niche markets in Europe. In 2021, Alcomex Springs Group has joined forces with the Swedish Group Lesjöfors to become a European leader in the springs industry.

If you are looking for certain springs for your project, than the Alcomex engineering team will be happy to provide advice about what type of spring, spring calculations or spring constructions.

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