Alcomex Springs

Alcomex Springs

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Alcomex specialises in the R&D, production, distribution and sale of a wide range of springs and wire and sheet products.

Alcomex is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of spring solutions for various industrial applications and is known for its “just in time” service, high quality and technical know-how and competitive pricing.

Alcomex Springs
De Veken 109
1716 KG Opmeer
PO Box 68
1715 ZH Spanbroek
Phone 0226-351122
Fax 0226-354027
Certification: ISO 9001:2015D

With modern production and distribution centres in Opmeer (Netherlands), Moravany Brno (Czech Republic), Goch (Germany), Zielonka (Poland), Nędza (Poland), Paris (France), Sibiu (Romania) and Pune (India), Alcomex guarantees technical craftsmanship, optimal quality, flexibility in deliveries, service and competitive pricing.

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One stop shop

Alcomex strives for the concept “one stop shop”. In practice, this means that we provide support from the start of a project all the way to the development and production of springs. From the drawing board, we make use of our technical knowledge and technology, enabling us to meet customers’ specific needs. We invest in our customers and in our employees. By putting people first and always looking for the latest production techniques and methods, our products are of high quality. Read more about our machinerymaterialsspecial production techniques of onze full-service approach.


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