Alcomex proudly launches its new Ukrainian website

“This marks a significant milestone in Alcomex’s internationalization.”

Alcomex proudly unveils a new website targeting the Ukrainian market, introducing its high-quality industrial springs and services to this area for the first time. Fully translated into Ukrainian, the website provides a user-friendly interface with detailed information about Alcomex’s extensive product range.

This exciting move signifies Alcomex’s expansion into a new geographical region, bringing its commitment to quality, reliability, and customer focus to customers in Ukraine. By providing localized content, Alcomex aims to make it easier for Ukrainian businesses to access and understand the wide variety of industrial springs and related services we offer.

Key features of the new Ukrainian website include:

  • Comprehensive Product Information: Detailed descriptions, specifications, and applications of various types of industrial springs, ensuring customers make informed decisions.
  • User-Friendly Navigation: An intuitive interface that makes it simple for users to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.
  • Customer Support: Easy access to customer service and support, including contact information and FAQs, to assist with any inquiries or orders.
  • Localized Content: All content is fully translated into Ukrainian to provide a seamless user experience for local customers.

Alcomex is committed to supporting the Ukrainian industrial sector by providing high-quality products and exceptional service. The launch of this new website reflects our dedication to meeting the needs of our international customers and our strategic focus on expanding our footprint in the European market.

To explore our offerings and find out more about how Alcomex can support your business, visit the new website at

Join us in celebrating this significant milestone as we continue to grow and serve new markets with the same dedication to excellence that defines Alcomex.

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