Alcomex Springs-Pol produces more and more

The demand for door springs continues to grow. The Alcomex Group strengthens its position in this market, which results in a systematic increase in orders. In this situation, meeting the needs of customers becomes a real challenge, which Alcomex Springs-Pol is successfully standing up to. The chart shows the Company’s production volume in 2018-2021, with the values ​​from May to December 2021 being forecast. It should also be emphasized that the Polish team does not slow down even in the most difficult circumstances. In 2019, the company changed its headquarters, moving to a modern facility in Marki. Despite such a huge logistics project, production not only did not decrease, but also increased slightly, compared to the previous year. In 2020 the world was hit by the covid-19 pandemic and Poland was not an exception. However, the plant in Marki performed surprisingly well in these extreme conditions. For the sake of health of our employees, we worked under the most far-reaching sanitary restrictions. Thanks to the extraordinary mobilization of our staff, 1000 tons more products were released from the plant than in the previous year.

This growth of the production volume indicated which areas of the plant require modernization and development so that they do not become a limitation in the nearest future. One of them is the storage system. In cooperation with the manufacturer of storage racking systems, Mecalux, the warehouse of the plant was almost completely modernized. The reconstruction of the existing racks and the purchase of new ones enabled us to use higher storage levels, leaving additional space for effective and safe storage of both wire coils and complete springs. Racks dedicated to store springs in steel boxes, which at the same time are the shipping packaging, rotating between Alcomex Springs-Pol and customers, turned out to be a particularly efficient solution. These innovations made the logistics processes much easier and faster. The photos illustrate the new solutions in our warehouse.

Another limitation in the production process are the furnaces for tempering springs. At the end of the second quarter of this year, the old furnaces at Alcomex Springs-Pol will be replaced with new devices, equipped with an automatic transportation system for loading the chamber and ensuring a faster and at the same time more energy-saving heating process. Technical tests of the contracted devices at the manufacturer facility will soon begin.

Taking advantage of the inevitable several days’ break in production related to the installation of new furnaces, we will carry out a major modernization of both shot peening lines at the same time. The purpose of this investment is not only to improve their technical condition, but also to increase their efficiency and lasting.

The last, but not the least important investment planned for the current year is the purchase of new automatic spring coiling machines. Obsolete and worn-out machines cause more and more trouble and often disrupt the production process. At the beginning of the fourth quarter of this year, Alcomex Springs-Pol expects the delivery of two modern, CNC controlled machines, which will increase the efficiency of the process and guarantee the maintenance of a high quality level.

We will be ready for the next challenges. You can count on us.

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