A strategy for growth in a difficult market

At a time when markets seem saturated and competition is fierce, growth is essential for a company’s survival and success. Standing still is going backwards, and companies must constantly look for new opportunities and possibilities to keep growing. In this regard, Alcomex sees opportunities in South-Eastern Europe. This is born out of the need to tap new markets and expand Alcomex’s geographical reach. With the rise of digitalisation and globalisation, there are more and more opportunities to operate outside our own borders. By focusing Romania’s neighbouring countries, where Alcomex already has a strong base, different areas of expertise within the company could be effectively deployed to attract new customers.

Cooperation between international and local team

The success is due to the cooperation between the international sales team for door springs and Cristian Paval, Commercial Manager for Romania.  The international team brings valuable experience and knowledge of the region’s markets while Cristian’s sales talent ensures that the right contacts are made, and deals are closed. Together, they form a strong team capable of identifying and seizing new opportunities.

Successes in Croatia and Greece

The first results of the project are promising. Alcomex has managed to generate new sales in Croatia and Greece, with several customers showing interest in the products and services. The confirmation of the first invoices is tangible evidence of their progress and the potential of these markets.

The success in Croatia and Greece motivates Alcomex to continue with this project and further expand its market reach. Alcomex plans to strengthen its presence in this region and attract more customers through targeted marketing and sales efforts. It remains focused on finding new opportunities and delivering value to prospective customers.


This is an example of how companies can thrive in difficult market conditions by focusing on growth and seizing new opportunities. With the right strategy and collaboration, companies can successfully enter new markets and expand their market reach. Alcomex looks forward to continuing this adventure, we would love to share our further successes with you!

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