Brand new tension springs system QUATTRO

Alcomex introduces a unique tension spring system for garage doors: QUATTRO!

The design combines ease of installation and extremely compact installation with ultimate safety in operation. We are convinced that this is the only extension spring system that really fully complies with the applicable CE standards. This is one of the reasons why we are proud of the patent granted for our unique design. QUATTRO  offers our customers clear distinctiveness.

Alcomex QUATTRO is an assembled set of 2 x 4 tension springs. With this set, garage doors are thus balanced with a total of 8 tension springs, making QUATTRO suitable for residential doors up to a standard application area of 3,500 x 2,500 mm (w x h), maximum door weight 110 kg. depending on the ratio, technical application is even possible up to 4,000 x 3,000 mm (w x h).

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All advantages:


European legislation, laid down in NEN-EN 12453 (12604) (safety in use: requirements for industrial, commercial and garage doors), prescribes that if one of the springs breaks, a maximum of 20 kg of the door weight (200N) may be unbalanced. This means that a maximum of 20 kg door weight can be balanced per spring. This requirement immediately places great restrictions on doors fitted with a duplex tension spring system. It should not be relied upon that one spring will break earlier than the other. The Alcomex QUATTRO system complies with the rules in all circumstances. The resulting safety for the user of the door is of course the main advantage.


The modular construction of Alcomex QUATTRO offers door manufacturers and suppliers the option of mounting the springs to their own door system using their own components. Naturally, these additional hardware parts, such as pulley, adjustment strip and mounting material are also available through Alcomex.


With a maximum installation space of 35 x 50 mm, the Alcomex QUATTRO suspension system fits comfortably into most vertical rail systems. The clever integration of 8 springs per set, results in a standard application range of garage doors up to 3,500 x 2,500 mm (w x h). Most common garage doors fall within these sizes. Depending on the ratio, technical application is even possible up to 4,000 x 3,000 mm   (w x h). We recommend using torsion springs for larger and wider garage doors.


Most extension springs are equipped with a bent “eye” to attach the spring to the wiring set. Because this eye turns out to be the most vulnerable part of a tension spring, Alcomex has decided to replace this construction with a cleverly designed fastening system for the QUATTRO system. The spring is loaded evenly, which significantly increases the service life. The granted patent confirms our vision!

The economic value of QUATTRO is determined by the fact that only 25 stock sets are required for the complete range of doors. Furthermore, the minimized use of materials and our efficient OEM logistics delivery system are the basis for significant savings.

You understand that we are more than willing to explain the QUATTRO system to you or to demonstrate it in your door system. For more information you can of course contact us! You can order all your extension springs online via our webshop.

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