Customer case: MoonBikes

MoonBikes is a manufacturer located in the French Alps and the first to develop 100% electric snowmobiles. The idea for this snowmobile was born from a simple observation: In summer, the means of locomotion are endless, while in winter, mobility in snow-covered environments is much more limited, expensive and polluting. How to move, explore, move around, while respecting the environment?

The client contacted us by phone thanks to the promotional work done on our site via natural referencing. They urgently needed spring cotter pins but they were not available in the standard references of our catalog. Despite this we have with the great support of our factory in Brno succeeded in meeting their needs very quickly and thus exceeding their expectations and gaining their respect and their trust. 

Thanks to this it helped us working today on a cross selling approach with them on their main springs, the suspension springs.

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