HZ solutions B.V. has become part of the Alcomex Group

To the employees, customers and suppliers of Alcomex

On April the 25th 2018 an important transfer took place. The shares of HZ solutions B.V. were  transferred to Alcomex Holding B.V.. HZ solutions has become part of the Alcomex Group. Messrs. Conrad Hietink and Jelle van Vliet have become statutory directors of HZ solutions B.V..

It has been our preference to take over a company which is complementary to Alcomex, creating a strong combination with added value and security for employees, customers and suppliers. The combination of Alcomex and HZ solutions is strong because there is hardly any overlap with regard to the product market combinations in which both companies are active.

A transfer of ownership at HZ solutions was to be expected because Mr Wiskerke has no natural successor in his family and, after 18 years of expanding HZ solutions into what it is today, he wished to transfer his responsibilities in order to secure further expansion and internationalization.

We have known Ruud Wiskerke for some time now and we are impressed how he, together with all employees, has successfully transformed HZ solutions into a solid technical company in recent years.

HZ solutions will continue as an independent company within the Alcomex Group, and we are convinced it has a bright future with its present organization, location and name.

Until November of this year, Ruud Wiskerke will remain involved with HZ solutions as an adviser of the management, so as to ensure a smooth and thorough transition and to further grow HZ solutions.

We would like to stress that HZ solutions’ success has been built thanks to the effort and help of its employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. In addition, we would like to mention HZ solutions’ expansion project of its production location in 2017, where the HZ solutions staff have shown their best side.

With confidence we look forward to a continuous successful collaboration with all business relations of HZ solutions and Alcomex. You can find more information on HZ solutions on www.hzsolutions.co.uk.


Best regards,

Jelle van Vliet / Conrad Hietink


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