Q-Springs – The ultimate off-road springs

Viod has been making a wide variety of springs since 1950. What has become an important part of Viod is the Q-Springs label. Q-Springs stands for the production and supply of springs for the off-road motocross. A completely own label within the Alcomex Group, specifically aimed at off-road motocross bikes, where production, packaging and distribution are completely in-house.

The springs are coiled, tempered, ground, shot-peened, blocked and epoxy-coated. They come with a lifetime warranty to the first owner. The quality standards and the associated procedures are an important part of the production. The front fork springs in particular are subject to extra checks after production to ensure that they meet the strict requirements.

Q-Springs are sold all over the world. What distinguishes them from  a “standard” spring? These springs can be adjusted to the weight and wishes of the rider. Q-Springs offers a range that is suitable for every rider of every weight!

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