Results of annual customer satisfaction survey Alcomex

In late February, Alcomex conducted a customer satisfaction survey in collaboration with AlphaRainbow. Our customers from the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic were invited to participate in this large-scale survey.

The survey focused on various components. These included: proactive communication, shipping, product development, solution-oriented capacity, products, price-quality ratio, innovation, technical support, response speed and social responsibility. Overall, Alcomex received an average score of 7.6 for these different components in the Netherlands. In Germany and the Czech Republic, the average scores were even higher, and we are proud of this as a company.

The Net Promoter Score

The answers from our customers and results from the survey result in a Net Promoter Score (NPS). The higher this score, the more satisfied customers are with the services provided by Alcomex. An NPS score of higher than 0 is considered positive, and an NPS score of +50 is considered excellent.

Alcomex scored high in the customer satisfaction survey and we are very grateful to our customers for the NPS score of +21. This once again underlines Alcomex’s role as a reliable full-service partner. Alcomex strives to respond to every received request within 48 hours. Our technical specialists are always ready to think about the challenge, solutions and technical aspects from the start of a project, so that we can optimally utilise our experience and knowledge within every project.

Working on an even higher NPS score

Of course, the primary purpose of the survey is to find out how Alcomex can improve its services. One of the points for improvement that came up for Alcomex was proactive communication. Alcomex will focus on this and other points for improvement in the coming year in order to guarantee and improve customer satisfaction. For this purpose, Alcomex looks at five focus areas:

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