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It has been approximately 4 months since the COVID 19 crisis hit the markets Alcomex is active on. For most of us it has been a period with a severe impact on both our personal as well as our professional lives. This has also been the case for Alcomex and all of its employees. We are happy to share with you that so far Alcomex has weathered the storm. We are in good shape to service our customers as the economies in Europe show signs of recovery.

For the health and safety of our employees all hygiene measures to minimize the risk of the spread of the virus remain in force. The Alcomex management continues to review the situation on a daily basis and acts upon it when necessary.

We all realize that the COVID 19 virus is not gone, even if the statistics indeed show positive signs in Europe a second wave is possible and we will stay vigilant and cautious.

At the same time we have been able to keep our production on the levels needed to secure your operations. We saw increases in absence rates during the beginning of the crisis, these are again at normal levels. We have been able to balance the output over our different production sites, with some sites compensating the loss of output in others related to a local lockdown (meanwhile lifted).

All our sales organizations have remained open during the whole period of the crisis, ready to support their customers.

Especially over the past few weeks we noticed positive signs of recovery in all countries due to the lifting of lockdown measures and also in different industries, supported by the programs of local governments.

Alcomex, your partner in springs, is at your service and ready for the recovery. Your contact is there to help you with all your demands and challenges.

Your Alcomex team

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