Alcomex preferred supplier PAL-V

When Robert Dingemanse came up with his idea for a flying car fifteen years ago, few people took him seriously. The PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle) has now received approval from the government, the car can be used on the road. “To our surprise, more than 50 flying cars have been ordered and paid for in the Netherlands alone, and an order is added every week. The first cars will be delivered at the end of 2022. We also have orders from 14 other countries.”

The PAL-V Liberty has a range of 500 kilometers and simply flies with normal gasoline. At the moment that is the only way to achieve an effective range, since the battery technology is not yet mature enough. Batteries currently have a low energy density, which makes them too heavy. In the coming years, alternative fuels, hybrid solutions and improved battery technologies will of course be considered.

Alcomex has contributed to the spring designs and solutions. Constructions that are as light as possible. With these solutions and service, Alcomex Springs was allowed to supply the springs for PAL-V Liberty and was added to the Approved Supplier List of PAL-V after a successful audit. We were finally able to receive the award for this in November 2021.

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