The Role of the Alcomex Group in Railway

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Our modern society literally and figuratively moves on rails, and the Alcomex Group is at the frontline of progress in the railroad industry. In a world of safety and innovation, Alcomex plays a crucial role in optimizing our railroads and trains.

The Growing Challenge of Railways

The constant growth of rail passengers is putting pressure on our rail network and train infrastructure. Despite numerous expansion efforts in recent years, it is clear that more is needed to accommodate this growing demand.

Alcomex in Action: Project at Kijfhoek

In 2023, the Alcomex group, in cooperation with Kampa International, completed an impressive project at the Kijfhoek shunting yard between Barendrecht and Zwijndrecht. It involved the implementation of a new rail attachment, specifically adapted to the changes in trolleys at the Kijfhoek. This adaptation not only complied with the European guidelines for rail fastening systems (EN 13149 – 1 to 8), but also created the required space between the fastening and the rails.

rangerterein klijfhoek
railway kijfhoek
© 2020 foto/photo Siebe Swart

A Reliable Partner in the Railway Segment

In recent years, the Alcomex group has strengthened its reputation as a reliable partner in the railway segment. One of the important focus areas is noise reduction. In accordance with an announcement to the European Parliament and the Council, which emphasizes the need to reduce noise levels to reduce health damage, Alcomex has patented innovative solutions.

Innovation for Noise Reduction

The Alcomex group’s patented innovations demonstrate not only manufacturing advantages, but also significant price advantages over existing leaf spring applications. Attaching noise reducing material to the rails is not only a technological breakthrough, but also an economically responsible choice.

Future With Alcomex

Are you interested in the leading solutions of the Alcomex group? We are ready to welcome your inquiries and introduce you to the innovative future of the rail industry. Together we move forward, in a safe and efficient way.

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