Word from a client: Rolas Mechanical Services

Rolas Mechanical Services has been active in the construction, revision, assembly and maintenance of (certified) welding and construction projects for over 65 years. During the long-term collaboration, Alcomex has delivered springs and spring solutions for various projects of Rolas Mechanical Services.

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The Project

In October of 2017, Rolas Mechanical Services and Alcomex Veren B.V. undertook a project in which springs were mounted in pressure boxes (see photos). The following challenge was central here: a spring type that is used to form a gas-tight, sliding seal in an environment where the temperature rises to 250 ℃.

Our spring solution

Alcomex is constantly faced with the challenge of combining the required lifespan and conditions in which a spring must work. Depending on the system requirements, we first determine what material should be used in the application. In addition, Alcomex determines whether the chosen material has sufficient mechanical properties to function within the specified temperature range.

Alcomex designed conical compression springs as a solution for Rolas. In total, 178 parts were overhauled and half of them were fitted with new spring-loaded seals.

Rolas on Alcomex

“We use Alcomex springs first because they have a good price-quality ratio and also maintain very pleasant customer contact. You feel like they are always ready to help you, and in a time when solutions are expected faster and faster, it is great to have a stable partner for this.”

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