70 years of HZ Solutions

The Beginnings of HZ Solutions

In 1953 the foundation was laid for what is now known as HZ Solutions. Founded at the time as “Metalware Factory Het Zuiden,” the company has gone through several owners since then. An important milestone was reached in 2018 when HZ Solutions was incorporated into the Alcomex Springs Group, marking the start of a new chapter in its rich history.

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Specialist in spring solutions

For more than seventy years, HZ Solutions has been known as a specialist in developing creative solutions to customer-specific spring issues. Its dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction has given the company a leading position in the industry.

A Festive Jubilee

Last summer, HZ Solutions’ 70th anniversary was celebrated in a big way. It was a special moment for the company, and for some it also marked the beginning of a new career at HZ Solutions. The festivities took place at a beautiful location in the middle of nature, where the weather showed its best side with temperatures above 25 degrees and bright sunshine.

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Festive Activities

The afternoon began with a warm welcome accompanied by coffee and cake. Whereafter everyone was divided into two groups for a series of fun activities, including old Dutch games such as hanging jeans, throwing horseshoes, a bathtub race, archery and laser gaming. The diversity of activities provided an unprecedented dose of fanaticism among the participants.

A Culinary Treat

After these exhilarating activities, which made us feel hungry, it was time for a delicious, elaborate meal full of tasty dishes for all attendees. The culinary delight provided the perfect opportunity for informal conversations and strengthening team spirit.

A Lasting Memory

Although the evening progressed and some returned home, no one left empty-handed. Everyone received a nice memento of the anniversary and the successful afternoon and evening. For many this event was not only a celebration of the past, but also an opportunity to get to know colleagues better and build for the future together. On to the next 70 years.

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