Market leader through research & development – part 2

From troubleshooter with a lot of experience to partner in “predictive maintenance”

In cooperation with our strategic partners, we investigate the specific technical requirements that our springs programme should comply with, to determine the lifespan of your springs in advance. For our customers we try, for instance, to prevent sudden production interruption and attempt to realise a situation of planned maintenance, together with you.

The expected lifespan of all the springs in our standard programme is in accordance with the DIN and 13906. In case of springs, custom made for you, we look beyond the standard norms, because they depend on your specific situation and use. For instance chemical composition of the material and corrosion resistance play a significant role at high temperatures or in an aggressive environment. Alcomex has extensive expertise in the area of surface treatment, including: galvanising, anodising, phosphating and special surface-treatment processes.

Based on our many years of practical experience, knowledge of engineering and internal testing, we have developed a complete programme in order to be able to determine the lifespan of extension, compression and torsion springs, matched to your application/use. The programme developed by us is based on several variables, including:

  • Application
  • Specific customer demands
  • Spring configuration
  • Chemical composition
  • Conversion degree
  • Ductility of the wire
  • Surface treatment
  • Thermal treatment

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By: Marco Dekker | Head of Research & Development

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