Market leader through research & development – part 1

In the beginning there was nothing….well, there wasn’t a lot. When Alcomex opened its doors 25 years ago, it was headed by a visionary with a solid background of knowledge about industrial doors. He was supported by a few pragmatic staff members who were all passionate about technology.

Practical solutions and technical know-how

As a result of translating the customer’s questions and issues in the area of springs to practical solutions, from the very beginning, Alcomex has grown into a firm that has ample know-how of all kinds of spring-related issues. We have an entire extension, compression, torsion and leaf springs programme. In addition to these standard springs, of course it is possible to design custom made springs. In our different factories, we can also convert design into customisation.

The customisation, the internally developed calculation programmes and special materials, all supported by continuous testing, make Alcomex a unique partner with solution-oriented approach, in combination with our passion for technology, as key values.

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By: Marco Dekker | Head of Research & Development


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