Skroller S.L. introduces the folding backrest

Innovation in electric scooters

Skroller S.L., founded in 2019 in Valencia, has made a revolutionary development in the world of electric scooters. They have developed and patented the world’s first foldable and portable backrest that not only improves control, stability and comfort, but also reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, significantly improving the user experience.

Strong construction for maximum safety

Skroller’s backrest is designed with a sturdy steel core, thick tape and a scooter mount that has been extensively tested in laboratory conditions. This makes it extremely resistant to all kinds of impacts, allowing users to ride with confidence knowing they are well protected.

Adapting to different user weights

One of the challenges Skroller faced was designing a motor spring that could accommodate different weights of users while maintaining the functionality and purpose of the product. This meant providing less risk of accidents and injuries, as well as more comfort while riding the electric scooter.

Collaboration for innovation: Skroller and Alcomex Springs Group

Skroller has worked closely with the Alcomex Springs Group to develop a small cylinder mechanism with an extendable strap that acts as a backrest when attached to the user’s waist. This mechanism is designed to automatically retract when the bar is approached, allowing the rider to safely recline and relax while riding.

To the production phase: series production on the way

After months of hard work and development of several prototypes, Skroller is now about to start series production of the first 5,000 units of their innovative folding backrest. It is an exciting moment for the team, which believes in the power of innovation combined with the expertise of the Alcomex Springs Group.

Prospect for success

 “Our technical teams are working with Alcomex Muelles’ technical team to improve and develop the final functional model of the power spring for the Skroller. This will allow us to launch a series in the coming weeks and build a good professional relationship for new solutions in the future,” said Sergey Kazakov, CEO of Skroller belt. With great teamwork and a promising future ahead, Skroller S.L. looks confidently toward the launch of their breakthrough product. This foldable backrest promises to provide electric scooter users with a whole new riding experience that puts safety, stability and comfort first.

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