HZ Solutions is preparing for the future, opting for reliability and efficiency with a new deburring and polishing machine from Rösler.

HZ Solutions b.v. is a company based in the south of the Netherlands, in Hilvarenbeek. HZ Solutions specialises in developing spring and fastening solutions for customers. This means helping the customer by developing new solutions to their problems and providing custom solutions. The products developed by HZ Solutions, such as wire, die-cutting and fastening products, are produced in-house from the drawing board using extensive technical knowledge and experience. To serve customers well, it is vital that HZ Solutions has the right technology and is ready for the future.

To ensure they stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, HZ Solutions decided to replace their rotary vibrating deburring machine from Rösler. This machine has been in use for a long time, but could no longer operate independently due to the increasing volume of deburring work. It was therefore necessary to invest in a new machine.

After careful research and comparison, HZ Solutions again chose a machine from the Rösler brand. The existing machine has been overhauled and prepared for the future. By investing in both the existing and a new deburring/polishing machine, capacity has been greatly expanded. This allows HZ Solutions to continue to support customers in developing new solutions. To automate the process as much as possible, a conveyor belt was also installed between the deburring/polishing machine and the dryer. This allows products to be transported automatically. See attached drawing and photos.

Besides promoting work capacity, HZ Solutions has also paid due attention to creating a safer working environment for their employees. For instance, lids have been fitted to reduce dust emissions and noise levels as much as possible. And investments were made in an extraction system for both the new deburring area and the post-treatment areas. This extraction will extract the remaining dust, vapour and smoke as much as possible, as well as the paint fumes and welding fumes in the heat treatment room. Through these measures, HZ Solutions has facilitated better working conditions. 


Deburring and polishing plant is installed.

We are very pleased that the new deburring and polishing plant is now installed. Below you will find some technical data of the new Rösler deburring/polishing machine type R 125 EC and the Naaykens extractor series 510, type B:

Rösler deburring/polishing machine type R 125 EC:

–     extremely hard-wearing, hot-moulded Rösler polyurethane coating, allowing HZ to produce trouble-free for years without additional maintenance costs

–     manual separation slide, ensures damage-free separation, even for sensitive products

–     in combination with the quickly removable separator slide, EC-type deburring machines are more universal

–     more flexible use than machines with a permanently installed separation flap, also allowing larger products to be handled

Naaykens extractor series 510, type B:

–         direct drive. Impeller mounted on motor shaft.

–         suction-only centrifugal fan

–         vertical discharge via various filters

–         extraction capacity: 2,600 m³/h

–         noise level: 49 dB(A)

Paint vapour & weld fume extraction:

–         working range: 2 m, diameter extraction arm 160 mm

–         extraction capacity: 850 m³/h

–         noise level: 67 dB(A)

–         HEPA filters allow the filtered warm air to be blown back into the room, preventing heat loss in the room

For more information about HZ Solutions, please refer to our website: www.hzsolutions.com

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