Machine park

Machine park

From the drawing table on we make use of our technical expertise so as to meet the customer’s specific needs.

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We invest in our customers and in our employees. Our focus on people and our continuous search for the latest production techniques and – methods, makes our products high-quality. In order to guarantee our quality, we make use of qualified and educated staff. In addition, we make use of the certified measuring and testing equipment, so checks can be performed up to 0.01 mm. We organise our existing processes as efficiently and effectively as possible, as a result of which we can minimise the delivery times and make our prices as competitive as possible.

Due to the great variety in our machine-park we can produce both flexibly and efficiently. We have the most effective production method for any production volume. Due to the low start-up costs, the flexibly programmable machines are ideal for the production of small and medium-sized series. The large series are produced on fully automated machines. Special tools are essential for the fully automated production. The tools and moulds required for the development of your product are also manufactured by us.

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Production resources

Alcomex has an extensive park of CNC-controlled bending and winding machines, punching and punching & multi-slide machines and many other production resources:

  • CNC-controlled bending and winding machines (Wafios, Rapid Simplex and Bobbio)
  • Torsion spring-machines (Wafios)
  • Punching and multi-slide pressing machines (Bihler, Haulick Roos, YSM and Dongseo)
  • Machines for sand blasting, shot blasting and degreasing
  • Grinding machines (Dorn and OMD)
  • Milling machines
  • Traditional oven with automated loading and processing ovens
  • Electrical Discharge machines
  • Machines for thermal treatment and post-treatment
  • Press brakes (Safran Darley)
  • Extensive craft department and outwork department with simple universal hand tools for models and prototypes.

The Alcomex machine-park allows us to quickly and flexibly respond to your special wishes. The modern production equipment enables Alcomex to manufacture the most complex springs and wire products.

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