Compression springs

Compression springs


The compression spring is probably the best-known spring model and in many cases it is based on a standard DIN-programme. Alcomex compression springs are being produced at several locations throughout Europe and all factories have a variety of specialised, automated CNC spring bending/spring winding machines (usually WAFIOS).

Just like extension springs, the “pressure strength” that can be generated by a spring, depends on the material used as well as the dimensions. These details result in the spring constant:

c = slide modulus x d⁴/(8 x Dm³ x nw) (Click on the arrow for an explanation)
c = spring constant [N/mm compression]
slide modulus = material dependent
d = wire thickness
Dm = diameter center to center (of the wire)
nw = active windings



Compression springs from stock

Standard DIN compression springs are available from stock and can easily be ordered online, from our web shop. Feel free to fill in our contact form if you have any questions about our spring from stock.

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Custom made compression springs

In addition to our stock of springs, Alcomex also produces customer-specific, custom made compression springs. This could mean different materials, dimensions and finishing. By making use of the most modern production tools, we are able to use our machines with short changeover times, whereas also we can offer smaller quantities of lengths at competitive prices.

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