Power springs

Power springs

Power springs are made from strip steel material and mounted between an inner center arbor and external spring housing. Torque is generated from either rotation of the center arbor, or the spring housing itself.

Power springs are not just used in clock manufacturing. They can be found in various types of garden equipment, mechanical motors, counterbalance mechanisms and rewinding devices.

Their long rotational capacity, continuous torque, and virtual absence of friction make them a popular choice in a wide range of applications.

Spring thickness: Up to 2 mm

Alcomex power springs

Technical information about power springs

There are two types of power springs, conventional or pre-stressed. Conventional power springs have a limit of around 20 working turns; and pre-stressed power springs enable up to 50 working turns, whilst also offering increased torque output. Dynamic cycle life is however lower for pre-stressed springs.


Conventional power springs are produced by tightly winding spring material on an arbor and attaching the free end to a case. Pre-stressed power springs are produced by coiling spring material using proprietary processes to impart beneficial residual stress; this specially coiled material is then tightly wound on an arbor and the free end attached to a case.

Power springs are produced from a variety of different materials, depending on their application; which include most commonly 301 stainless steel and high-carbon steel; other specialty alloys/grades are also used where applicable.

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Custom made power springs

In addition to our stock of springs, Alcomex also produces customer-specific, custom made power springs. This could mean different materials, dimensions and finishing.

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