Calculation programmes

Calculation programmes

In recent years, Alcomex has developed calculation programmes for the most widely used industrial springs. All programmes are based on DIN EN 13906 and were extended by internal knowledge. On the basis of the Goodman Diagram where tension in relation to load is documented, it is clearly indicated that most springs achieve a better lifespan if a certain preload is being applied.

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Calculation programmes for industrial springs

Alcomex has standard calculation programmes for industrial springs:
1. Extension and compression springs
2. Die springs
3. Disc springs
4. Torsion springs

In addition to the standard spring calculation programmes, Alcomex is also able to make calculation for tailor-made springs. Leaf springs are a distinct group of springs where calculations are concerned. Because of the diversity of the applications, there is no separate calculation programme. In practice, the basic calculations are often supported by prototypes and the practical measuring of the forces or torques that occur.

Calculation programmes for door springs

As one of the largest suppliers of door spring systems in Europe, Alcomex also has an advisory role when it comes to the calculations of the required spring system in combination with an industrial or residential door. The configuration of the complete door is decisive in the calculation of the spring system.

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In order to advise customers and prospects in the best possible way, Alcomex developed different calculation programmes. These programmes are based on ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and the DIN. What is unique, is that Alcomex has bundled 25 years of knowledge about springs and door applications in these programmes and, due to the use of special materials (improved mechanical properties) often reaches solutions that could not be made for other torsion spring systems.

All calculation programmes for door springs are coordinated with our relations, realising a tailor-made calculation programme. If desired, Alcomex will support the implementation into an existing ERP-system.


Alcomex has developed a specific extension spring programme for residential doors, as a result of which it is possible to provide a standard system for the majority of door configurations. The range of doors covered by the Alcomex QUATTRO system is:
> door weight of 22 kg up to 150 kg
> structural height of 1,875 mm up to 3,000 mm

For extension spring systems, the structural width does not actually matter and only influences the total door weight.

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