VIOD Invests in Enhanced Grinding Technology

VIOD is witnessing a substantial growth in the share of industrial springs, particularly in the domain of thick wire diameters exceeding 18mm. The evolving quality demands from customers necessitate a careful consideration of the appropriate technology that ensures both efficiency and cost savings.

The older grinding technology, which VIOD has relied on for years and proven to be effective, is now being reevaluated due to changing market conditions and increased price competitiveness. Efficiencies in setup times, cycle times, and maintenance are crucial. This presents an excellent opportunity for VIOD to invest in new machines boasting significantly improved technology compared to their older counterparts. These advanced machines operate intelligently, allowing us to process more springs simultaneously or manufacture springs that other companies are incapable of producing.

New Dry Grinding Machine with Advanced Programming Capabilities

There is a specific demand for ground industrial compression springs. Last year, the grinding shop invested in a state-of-the-art dry grinding machine, the OMD MA-16 7000, to replace the outdated OMD MA-16 7000. The latter machine had been in use for 30 years and was still operating on MS-DOS control, limiting its programming capabilities. With the acquisition of the new machine, we now have the ability to create far more sophisticated programs. The ability to control the 2 grinding discs at varying speeds means that we no longer need to turn the springs over at the end of the cycle. Additionally, the refined technology in the new machine has led to a 60% reduction in grinding wheel consumption. The outdated hydraulic and pneumatic systems have been replaced by servo motors, allowing for much more precise and accurate programming.

Introduction of the New Wet Grinding Machine

Another wet grinder is set to be delivered to VIOD later this year, replacing the 2 old wet grinding machines that have been in service since the early 1970s. Once again, we have chosen an OMD machine—the OMD H-80. This new grinder enables us to grind springs with an outer diameter of up to 330mm, a significant improvement from the previous limit of 250mm. Moreover, this machine adopts the same user-friendly software philosophy as the other OMD grinding machines, facilitating smoother rotation of employees and enhancing their motivation to work with these new machines.

In June 2023, we organized an on-site drivers’ meeting for the first time. Managing Director Lesjöfors Fjädrar AB Jan Carlson and Managing Director Lesjöfors Heavy Springs UK Micheal Gibbs were esteemed guests at VIOD. Based on the shared experiences during this meeting, it became evident that OMD is the preferred supplier of grinding machines. OMD’s superior price-quality ratio and excellent service ultimately surpass those offered by alternative manufacturers such as Dorn.

Given the burgeoning demand for polished springs and the increasing competition from the Asian market, technology plays a crucial role in maintaining competitiveness. VIOD is enthusiastic about contributing to the growing demand for larger and thicker springs at our facility in Breukelen.

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